Thüringer Klöße – Rezept und Anleitung

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4 Antworten

  1. Mark Kauer sagt:

    Hi Markus, I am hoping you understand english as my german is no longer very good. Great video on making these dumplings, loved it. My question to you is my Oma’s dumplings were so light and perfect. I use her recipe and the last few times I made them the center of the knoedel was very dense and compact. They tasted good but did not have the proper texture. I am hoping you can give a tip on what I am doing wrong.
    Thank You from Canada

    • Markus Meier sagt:

      Hi Mark, i will try to help you. I make bread croutons in the middle of the dumplings, which ensure that the dumplings are not so sticky in the middle.
      Try it an tell me, how it works.
      Markus 👍😃

  2. cynthia sagt:

    Für wie viel Personen ist dein rezept ausgelegt ?

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